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What is Google merchant product type? 

It enables the use of Item for the purpose of categorizing goods in online shops. Unlike with Google's Product Category, you are not required to use a predetermined value.

Product lines provide Search engine users a better idea of what it is you're selling. When Lots of people know what you're selling, it may serve you more relevant ads, increasing sales. To continue, we'll discuss how the product type might help you structure your Shopping campaigns.

The success of your online store depends on one thing: making sure your goods get into the hands of the intended customers. You can't expect your shopping ads to perform effectively in Google's search engine unless they've been optimized. Sales can be increased by managing Google Merchant Product Type and adapting it to your business's needs. Using the product type property to incorporate your product classification system in your data will improve your conversion rate. Because of this, Google will be better able to understand your product's characteristics and match them with the appropriate buyers.

Quick advice on including items in your feeds 

For your product advertisements to be successful, you must provide your information to search engine in the appropriate manner. Your goods can rank highly in the Google search index by using the optimal goods type format available in Google Merchant Center.  To achieve the best results for categorizing your items and bringing it to your target audience, follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Use the > symbol to isolate numerous levels in a category. Add a space before and after the > symbol as well. For example: Home > Men > Shirts > Full Sleeve Shirts.
  • If you are using merchandise type to arrange your bidding and reporting in Google Ads, just submit 1 value because only the first value will be used if you submit more than 1.
  • Include every level of your item classification if it has more than one.  For instance, list the entire string if your products fall under the category of "Full Sleeve Shirts": Home > Men > Shirts > Full Sleeve Shirts.
  • As it more accurately identifies your product, add more specific categories. For instance, Books > Non-Fiction > Games > Boxing.

Adding product type in Merchant Center

The product type can be manually set. Google recognizes your commodities based on the item title, description, brand, and pricing when they are arranged systematically. This helps search giant in understanding your goods and services characteristics and matching them with the potential customers.

Individual product listings can be added in the Merchant Center. Once you've added items, you can edit each one separately.

Adding individual products:

  • Remember to sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  • After selecting item from the sidebar, select All Products to view all available options.
  • The "Add Items" option allows you to select individual products one at a time.
  • Please fill out all required fields regarding the product.
  • It's time to save your work.

Adding bulk items:

  • Make a file with the item details for the items you want to add.
  • Upload your file.
  • Click Add items from the file.

How does the right goods type information boost sales? 

Google Merchant Center helps you get your store and item information into the search engine and make it available to consumers across the portal. Google Shopping which is a part of Google’s search engine acts as a goods comparison service. This service allows retailers to advertise their merchandise in a visually appealing manner. It acts as an imperative part of any online store’s growth and digital marketing approach. Providing the right product type information has certain benefits which are:

High profile placement of goods

Google shopping ads increases the visibility of your product on search engine. With this service, you can put your goods in the spotlight for more customers to see. Whether you are starting a new business or you have already established one, appearing on the top of a search engine’s results page will allow potential customers to buy your items. The chances of attracting new consumers to purchase your commodities are higher, with excellent goods and service visibility.

Graphic image: 

Google Shopping ads

A must for online stores

Get holistic reports

Discover more insights to know how you are performing across your programs connected to Merchant Center. Get to know actionable insights on merchandising, pricing, and more to boost your business approach.

Get your stuff in front of more people.

With this service, you can get a broader reach for your items because it appears on various platforms such as YouTube, the Shopping tab, the Images tab, and other Google Search partner websites. Google also has gradually expanded the channels where shopping ads are displayed allowing you to have more opportunities to reach your customers.

Excellent automation

The ads themselves will be automated by Google after product feeds and Google merchant accounts are created. The automated process updates the required merchandise information directly from the feed. The automation process makes shopping ads a very efficient advertising tool for online retailers because it decreases the labor cost in comparison to Search Ads and makes campaign management effortless.

Get qualified traffic

Google shopping ads not only provide greater quantity but also provide greater quality. This is because your ads are displayed to potential customers who are in search of the exact goods you are displaying.


Q. What is Google Product Type?  

A . Google product type allows online retailers to include their goods categorization information. It is the collection of attributes that act as a pattern for items of the same type or kind.

Q. How do I display my items on Google?

A . To display your goods first create your Merchant Center account and then verify important information such as your business and contact details. Now, upload your items and prepare your merchandise information to submit through a feed. This way you can display your goods across Google.

Q. Why should I add product type in Google merchant?

A. By providing a product type, you help Google better understand what you're selling and facilitate consumer interaction with your commodities. The values you provide can also be used to arrange your shopping campaign according to values of your own selection.

Q. How to add product type in Google merchant?

A. To add your product type log in to your account with Merchant Center. There you can add your product types by following the instructions given in the navigation menu.

Final Words

The right merchandise type information helps people who are performing a Google search to understand better what you are selling. When Google understands better what merchandise you are selling, it will display more relevant ads to the consumer which will result in better performance. The item type also helps you systematize your shopping campaigns. 

So, if you think that you need any help in displaying your goods on search platforms, feel free to contact us and we will assist you with all the information you require on doing so

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