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Your Business World Spins Around “Reviews”

Have you ever realized that your customers have the power to make or break your brand?

Today’s generation leaves their honest reviews on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and also on your blog sections. So it’s important to pay attention to customer voices, opinions, and reviews.

We keep a close eye on everything that is being SAID about your BRAND in the digital sphere, including trending topics, keywords, major competitors, and much more.

Our Review Marketing services will help your small business grow and maintain a positive online reputation.

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An end goal is the starting point for any social media campaign. A goal. Increase your user base through friendly interaction with more individuals.

Protecting brand reputation

91% of the 18-34 age group believe in online feedback. SharkFold rallies this young generation behind your brand. Ride a wave of popularity.
The best review artists shatter the glass ceiling. We trigger tons of favorable feedback.

Curating customer experience

Integrate your customer reactions and ratings under one umbrella. One product feedback can increase sales by 10% and 200 responses by 44%. Our streamlined instant responses showcase your care to the customer. We answer questions, resolve issues, and say thanks. You can build robust relationships with loyal consumers.

Alerts for instant response

92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading an authentic or verified review. Our user reviews are mostly positive and turn prospects into leads.

We help you succeed by simply using ratings and reviews. How?

Customers are the ultimate arbiters of success, and they have repeatedly shown that every firm can attract a dedicated following. Listen to what they have to say.

Join the path-breaking digital marketing team that delivers 100% outcome

With the help of our multi-channel digital marketing tools, your business's growth, revenues, & ROI will skyrocket, resulting in a substantial boost in your standard of living.

Luke Finney

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We've been using SharkFold services for about a year now, and they've helped us much with our Google Ads and Local SEO efforts hence the online enquires have increased by 500 times. A trustworthy and Cost-efficient digital marketing agency in London to work with.


Alfred Gebara (Old Email)

Head of Chat widget

Our UK-based company has managed to increase organic traffic by 378% and is now on Google's first page. In 3-6 months the results were quite imperative. We'd suggest them to industry friends. We are happy to be part of a localized result-oriented marketing agency in London.


Luke Finney

HR Head

I'm happy with how things are going so far; I'm seeing a continuous month-on-month increase in keyword rankings and GMB star ratings, and the team is responsive and does wonderful work. Benefiting from the investment right away. The highest possible recommendation!


Send on the Reviews Please!

People purchase products based on online reviews. Do you afford to MISS them? We are sure you won’t.

Word of Mouth is a strategic move for not just increasing your brand's image but also for generating potential buyers. Because the internet is the easiest way to reach out to new buyers, it enhances customer trust and boosts your brand image 100 times more. Our review marketing and reputation management solution may be effective in this scenario.

Which channels do visitors use for reviews?

Google My Business



Yellow pages



How Do We Deal With Online Reputation?

Let the best strategy win. As the leading digital marketing agency, we build and implement the best reputation management approach.

Suppressing Negativity

Negative comments or links about a company are unwanted. Suppressing negatives improves search results. Our professionals lower bad results with the greatest tactics.

Spreading The Positive Vibes

Online reputation is challenging. Our brand management experience will boost positive conversation and retention.

Promotion at its Best

Brand value and trust cost more. We never let you fail, but we promote and restore your online brand value and trust through a systematic strategy. Because we build “brands” not “profits”.

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What is Review Marketing?

Our online customer ratings may attract higher volume and better-quality traffic from the targeted demography (6.47%).

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