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Easy to find 9 strategies on GMB optimization to rank higher in local search


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There are many ways in which Google My Business (GMB) can be optimized. Here are a few top checklists to consider:

  • GMB listing should be generated
  • Authenticate the listing
  • Optimize your store data
  • Add photos, videos and virtual tours
  • Create a GMB website
  • Google Ads and Merchant Center should be linked to GMB listing
  • Give answers to the reviewers
  • Add special attribute features
  • Offer welcome bonus and always utilize posts 

With a gratuitous Google My Business (GMB) listing, companies can give valuable information about their destination, products, and services and have great Google ads ranking factors. In order to provide crucial details to potential consumers and to gather their feedback, a business profile enhances the details about your business and makes it available on important Google sites like Maps and Shopping. It is a dynamic depiction of your business that draws attention to its best qualities and facilitates finding, learning about, and interacting with potential customers.

Continue reading for a detailed explanation of how to improve GMB account, market products to a bigger traffic and increase conversions.

Why should you do SEO for GMB?

      * Improves engagement

      * Improves local ranking

      * Converts more customers

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While doing SEO, business profile plays an important role as it helps to generate added clicks and phone calls when you are found by your customers at the local browsers, which further leads to additional sales and profit. For higher search results of local businesses online, maps assistant and more, company account plays the crucial role of an online citation.

Boosting your online site is sure to help consumers favor your service over competitors. However, apart from this, there are several other benefits that you can enjoy by optimizing your profile. They are:

  • Improves engagement
  • Improves position in local SEO
  • Increases conversion rate

Consider these guidelines to optimize your corporate account

The secret to appearing in rankings, dominating rival websites, and attracting clients online is to optimize your corporate account. Here is provided a complete GMB optimization checklist to follow to turn corporate account into a marketing and lead-generation tool.

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GMB Optimization Checklist:

* Create a GMB website

* Verify your listing

* Optimize your store data

* Add photos, videos and virtual tours

* Connect GMB listing to Google Ads and Google Merchant Center

* Respond to reviews

* Add special attribute features

* Offer welcome bonus and always utilize Google Posts

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Creating company account is a good idea

Make sure your Google profile is setup before you interact with potential consumers. In order to come up with a profile, follow these steps:

  • Access online Profile Manager.
  • Type the name of your product or service.
  • Look for the desired category.
  • Include company address.
  • Enter contact details.

Verify account to further the process

Before contacting your clients, make sure your company account is confirmed. Audiences won't be able to find your account online until you've finished the verification process. Account can be verified by using video, text, phone, or email. You are notified once your identity has been confirmed. So, for shopping engine search ranking ensure a verified online account.

Include vital statistics

To increase the exposure of the trade among your target market, include relevant keywords in the account specification. The audiences who can see the services will increase thanks to company descriptions that are keyword-rich which will also improve your position in the online search forum. The ideal optimization approach is giving all the statistics you can.

Enhance with photos, videos, and virtual tours 

It is twice more upright to list your products with photos, videos or virtual tours. New photos of employees, the interior and exterior of your office, and the work being done should be added.

To add another factor to your organization build a GMB website

To choose the best results for the SERPs, Google considers various aspects. Running a website for your business can benefit your reputation in unpredictable ways. So getting a web forum is one of the most vital elements that enhance the rankings.

Link GMB listing to Google Ads and/or the Google Merchant Center

Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts give you the opportunity to make use of Google Ads' retail-focused campaign and Merchant Center's data-centric performance to improve your presence online. Merchant Center product data can also be used to set up campaigns for dynamic remarketing, local inventory ads, and more.

Ask and respond to customer queries

Google offers Q and A feature to let you react on the feedbacks and queries of audiences. This acts as an impetus for a consumer to consider selecting you over others. Follow these simple steps to enhance customer response section:

  • To stay on top of questions and answers posted to your profile, set up alerts. 
  • Questions and answers that have keywords can boost your Business Profile’s ranking for that keyword. 
  • Create a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Always use the special attributes

Through the online corporate account, special features of the product could be used to recognize the specific searchable qualities. The unique characteristics of your trade could be illustrated by choosing these special product qualities. Therefore, use of special attributes could be a key to successful marketing strategy.

Use Google posts regularly

Google will achieve post types with no assigned date range that are more than a week old. So, to keep the corporate account reliable and assure the consumers that they are being given latest information, it is a good practice to post on GMB regularly.


Q. How to do SEO for GMB?

A.   To optimize your Google My Business profile, follow these simple steps:

  • Utilize your actual business name
  • List your local phone number
  • Ensure your hours of operation are right
  • Write a convincing description
  • Add high-resolution photos
  • Insert videos, if you have them.

Q. Does posting on GMB help SEO?

A. Yes, posting on GMB definitely helps SEO. You can improve your local SEO by uploading your company information on GMB listing. The easier it is for the search engine to properly categorize and rank your website; the statistics become more comprehensive and updated.

Q. How do I optimize my listing on GMB?

A. You can boost your listing on company profile by adding an actual name and a phone number to it. You can also enhance it by adding its proper operational time.

 The bottom line

GMB is the most essential online marketing strategy applied by companies to rank higher in the search platform. It steers the trade operation by making the website more visible to the potential customers. Optimizing the GMB listing ensures that the company not only attracts more traffic, but also retains the older ones.

An online trade account is a simple way to improve online presence and rank good there. If you need any help in keeping up with your GMB, you can always contact SharkFold, and we will assist you with all the information you require on doing so.

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Monodeep creates the best design UIUX inspiration — expertly curated, exactly to your taste. Seamless SEO strategist with global expertise & nothing beats his caliber in writing copy/blog that stops the scroll for top level brands.

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