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How Often Should I Post On Google My Business To Get Best Results

Monodeep Samanta

15th June 2022

After seven days, all GMB posts expire. So, to maintain activity on your page, you should post on Google My Business at least once every week. You'll get good results and higher rankings if you can publish once every day.

You can utilize Google My Business (GMB) as a local venture to rank your establishment high in local search results. It is a free tool that gives audiences the details they need to get in touch with your company and enables customers to contact you. 

How often should I post on Google My Business – this is the one pertinent question that people have in mind while considering GMB uploading. Well, to show off your goods or services to a larger audience, you should update your search engine profile frequently with new content. Publishing material on your web profile can be a smart approach to drive customers to your website, generate leads, and increase sales for your firm.

What is a Google Post?

GMB lets you control what your customers can see when they see your trade on Maps. GMB entries, on the other hand, are tools that can help your listing rank high in Google, so more people can see it. Company page and its content are powerful promotional tools that can help you generate a stream of leads for your establishment.

When consumers search for a local product or service, they see a preview of the contact information for organizations that rank high, along with excerpts from the matter they uploaded to their page. With a web publish; you can make your profile more attractive to these customers.

However, keep in mind that items expire after 7 days. So, if you want to keep showing up on the results page, you need to upload new stuff regularly - at least once a week.

What ought to be published on your company profile?

Making a plan for your advertisements is the key to ranking high on Google, outranking competitors' websites, and drawing customers online. To turn your trade profile into a marketing and lead-generation tool, upload the items listed below.

What’s new 

Give a brief description of your company. A picture or video, a description, and an action button are all options. For instance, if you are a clothing merchandise, you could advertise the latest summer clothing arrivals.


Include a photo, a video, a description, and an action button to advertise an event at your company. For instance, an impending birthday party event could be advertised if you are an event planning firm. 


Offer promotional deals from your company. Titles and start and end hours are required for offers promotion. Along with the matter, you can include a picture, a video, a description, a coupon code, a link, and some terms and conditions. For instance, a beauty salon might offer a weeklong discount of 20% on haircuts. 


Share any updates regarding COVID-19, such as adjustments to working hours and temporary closures, operational modifications, changes to the way the location controls safety and hygiene, etc.

Strategies to help you make the most of your uploads

Infographic content

Strategies to help you make the most of your Google postings:

  • Upload frequently
  • Schedule a post
  • Insert keywords
  • Upload pictures
  • Optimize the landing page

You can maintain and expand your local search presence by using a straightforward advertising strategy. We've gathered the best methods for maximizing the potential of your social media platform. Check them below: 

Upload frequently

Regular uploading is recommended to maintain brand consistency and let customers know they're reading the most recent information.

Schedule a post

Planning your updates and content is part of scheduling. By enabling you to compose multiple messages simultaneously as part of the publishing clearance process or marketing campaign, scheduling will help you save time.

Insert keywords

Make sure your items include pertinent keywords to make it easier for users to find your establishment online. Your SEO efforts will benefit and your Google ads ranking factors will improve.

Upload pictures

Use beautiful images to accompany your search engine content. A wonderful technique to demonstrate to your audience what your trade set-up is about is to pair your captions with a photo.

Make your content succinct

It's crucial to keep your advertisement concise. To keep your target audience interested, publish timely information that they will find compelling right away.

Optimize the landing page

Ensuring your landing page is optimized for visitors is always a good idea. By making your landing page as effective as possible, you can maximize visitor conversion.

How often should I post on Google My Business?

The minimum is one entry per week, as your entry will expire after 7 days. This means that if you do not add a new write-up to your page, potential customers will not be able to see anything other than your existing information in your listing.

The search engine prefers pages that are updated frequently. This means that you can get good results if you add new listings daily. You need to provide fresh and varied inputs on a regular basis if you want to maintain this high ranking on Google shop ads. However, if this is not possible and you do not have a dedicated team, you can create a schedule that works better for you.

You can also reuse the matter on other social networks, such as the more informative content you create for LinkedIn. This way, you can keep your subject schedule full.

If one entry per day is not enough, you can go at your own pace as long as you publish at least one new text per week. Publishing once a week also has its advantages: it allows you to highlight the most important news, events, and promotions.

Even if a matter expires, it will still be accessible through your firm’s page. People who view your listing can continue to see most of your substance. The only difference is that it will not show up for people searching local search results.

You can also share the older ideas if needed, as it does not flag duplicate content on the company’s pages.



Q. Is a Google My Business entry worthwhile?

A. GMB is one of the best ways to improve local search engine optimization and a corporate’s online presence. If you are a local trader, applying for your firm profile is one of the first steps you should take to improve your enterprise’s online presence.


Q. What should you publish on GMB?

A. The type of search engine content you should use depends on what you want to accomplish. Take note of your goals and use them as a guide for content creation.

 The bottom line

Company profiles can be created in a few steps and with minimal time - and most importantly, they're free! Since this is a local-friendly marketing tactic, it's essential for small ventures looking to serve a specific area and rank higher.

However, if you're having trouble coming up with a creative idea or maintaining your commercial account, you can always hire a marketing partner with SharkFold to do the work for you. In any case, the sooner you start publishing posts on your page, the better because chances are you already have some competitors there!


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