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How to appear in multiple city searches with one website


How to appear in multiple city searches with one website

If you are a small business with a single website that provides services to numerous cities and want to show up in searches for those cities, here's how to appear in multiple city searches with one website:

1. Produce unique content in numerous cities

2. Establish service areas

3. Provide a dynamic map

4. Utilize Google My Business

5. Offer easy-to-find contact details

6. Make your website mobile-friendly

A common problem afflicting several local businesses is the fact that they offer services to many cities, but they only have a single website and a single yellow page listing.

These businesses rank higher for a local search, but they fail to rank for other city searches where they also provide services. In such cases, SEO provides the best solution to appear in as many applicable searches as possible for small businesses.

Performing a multiple-location SEO allows businesses to attract website traffic from various cities. Continue reading the blog to get a better idea of how to appear in multiple city searches with one website.

One website, several city searches

Local businesses frequently struggle with the problem of serving numerous cities while only having a single site. These companies often score poorly in other locations when they offer the same services but do well in local searches. If you've experienced the same problem, follow the recommendations below on how to appear in multiple city searches with one website:

Write unique content on multiple cities

Local SEO keywords will help your website rank in many cities. Use bullet points to list the cities you serve on a service page. To appear in numerous city searches with a single website, create pages with location-specific information.

Establish potential areas of service.

Create 'service areas on your website to rank in several cities. This section lists your city-specific services on various sites. These pages let businesses appear in several city searches with one website.

Offer an interactive map

Providing an interactive map for potential customers is a great approach to appearing in multiple city searches. This will improve your local SEO by allowing you to describe every location on the homepage.

Use Google My Business to manage the different city

Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent tool for multi-location businesses, as it streamlines the process of managing and optimizing individual accounts to increase brand awareness throughout the web. Here's how to handle a GMB profile for several locations:

  • Make a group for locations
  • Add up every place of business
  • Utilize scheduling tools for GMB posts
  • Optimize listings.
  • Encourage reviews and feedback

Provide easy-to-find number

Your phone number is a crucial part of your professional search engine business presence. Customers can call you at the number you have provided to find out where you are located, what hours you are open, and whether or not you have any of the goods or services available. If your company's profile includes more easily available contact information, Google will be better able to match your business with applicable searches on Google Maps and Search engines.

Optimize your site for mobile phones

Optimize your site for mobile to appear in many city searches with a single database. Websites optimized for mobile display higher in search results. Visitors are five times more likely to quit your site if it isn't responsive to mobile devices. Use the following to develop a successful mobile SEO strategy:

  • Reduce the load time of your website
  • Incorporate responsive design
  • Put the user experience first
  • Be wary of pop-up windows
  • Be sure to localize your efforts
  • Install a user-friendly navigation bar

Build your internal linking structure

The best internal linking strategies for small businesses operating in multiple cities are: 

  • Produce quality content
  • Link to new pages from high authority ones to boost your rankings
  • Use anchor text to increase your ranking
  • Make sure the links are relevant
  • For internal linking, use pertinent links

Create consistent citations

The secret to optimizing websites for searches is consistency. Google verifies the name of your company and other information that appears on various platforms. Your SEO efforts will be enhanced by the consistency of citations.

Create high-converting landing pages

A landing page with a high conversion rate enables viewers to quickly click the CTA and convert to leads. Your conversion rates will go up and your cost-per-click will go down if your landing page is optimized. For the success and expansion of your content marketing and search engine optimization tactics, having a forum that is search engine optimized is crucial.


Q. How can I show up on Google in several cities?

A.  GMB profiles are one of the finest ways for companies with many locations to promote those locations online and in the neighborhood. They enable your business to show up in well-liked local search results.

Q.   How to target multiple locations in SEO?

A: Simple SEO techniques to focus on different locations include:

  • Create pages on your website for each area.
  • Improve every page.
  • For each location, create local content
  • Make a GMB account.
  • showing ratings
  • Create listings for each location's local businesses.
  • For every location, create backlinks

Q. How can I get my website to show up in searches?

A. Use the following advice to get your website visible in searches:

  • Use keywords as a website target
  • Make your pages simple for Google to crawl
  • Add extra pages to the website
  • Include internet directories with your website
  • Get Google verified
  • Make your titles interesting

The bottom line

When it comes to businesses having a single website to appear in several city searches, local SEO is a crucial part of any plan. Businesses that operate in numerous places with one webpage must make sure that local searches for their region include them. We are sure that the preceding guidance will considerably help you show up in searches across numerous cities. But if you think you need more help, contact SharkFold to speak with one of our SEO experts.

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