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A handy guide to optimizing local SEO for multiple locations online



A multiple-location SEO allows businesses to draw website traffic from different places across the world. Check below for a detailed guide on how to do local SEO for multiple locations:

  1. Create a Google My Business account
  2. Make location-based web pages
  3. Create GMB listings for each location
  4. Generate consistent citations
  5. Create location-specific reviews
  6. Make backlinks to your location pages

Multi-locational businesses that want to rise in search engine rankings should pay close attention to the specifics of the landing pages they create for each of their physical locations. Multiple-location SEO helps your firm appear in relevant seo.

It optimizes content and manages SEO ranking. It also helps search queries differentiate between locales and boosts your search traffic. Users that search for your product or service will see your website at the top.

Consider the following tips to do local SEO for multiple locations

There are many ways to optimize the webpage for local search so that you can be found on multiple sites. Just as there are many ways to optimize, there are also a number of penalties lurking if you engage in poor practices that blatantly violate Google's guidelines. By taking a thorough inventory of your local SEO efforts, you can avoid duplicating efforts and ensure quality implementation of all local SEO efforts for your clients.

Multi-site SEO allows businesses to attract website traffic from different states or countries around the world. E-commerce businesses offering worldwide or international shipping can benefit from it immensely. It will enable you to expand your customer base and grow your business quickly.

How to do local SEO for multiple locations? Here are a few useful tips you should know.

Sign up for Google My Business

Start a Google My Business page for each of your stores and make sure they are listed correctly. A strong listing will provide consumers with the fundamentals they need to learn more about the business, such as contact information, product photographs, reviews, and links to important social media profiles. All the information potential customers need to know about your company should be included in the Google listing.

Make location-based web pages

Create separate pages on your website for each location for good multi-location SEO.

Each page should contain some important details such as:

  • Unique URL
  • Location-specific Meta title and Meta description
  • Name of the location
  • Location address and map
  • Location contact details

Each page should specially mention the services that you are offering in that particular location and contain relevant details targeted at people in that specific area.

Generate Google My Business listings for each location

Make separate GMB listings for your locations, after you have created individual URLs for each location on your website. Linking the individual URLs to the listing will take customers directly to the location’s unique web page. To do the listing you need to follow the following steps:

  • Verify every location (this can take up to a week)
  • List the specific hours for each location
  • Add photos specific to the location
  • Pick the same category for each location

Create consistent citations

Consistency is the key to optimizing multiple sites for search. Google checks the name of your business and other details that appear on multiple channels. Any inconsistencies could spell doom for you in the SEO department.

Check your listings, website, and other channels to make sure your NAP looks the same everywhere. Your name should not be location-specific (e.g. McDonald's of Southside), as this is a discrepancy. Correct the inconsistencies immediately.

Moz Local and Manta provide citation-tracking tools that can help you find and resolve discrepancies.

Improve the backlinks to your pages

Backlinks are links to your website that come from a domain that you do not control. You can have other websites connect to your products to create backlinks. Any links pointing back to your website and/or items will help your page rank on Google. To do this, you can collaborate with neighborhood organizations like Chambers of Commerce, work with nearby companies, or sponsor a neighborhood gathering. These strategies will help you draw local backlinks that will benefit your SEO.

Encourage location reviews

Encourage satisfied consumers to leave feedback on your top review sites by incorporating review gathering into your business procedures. People who have left reviews suggest that the place is still open for business and that the information on the page is accurate. To aid with your local SEO, you might request that customers mention the name of your location in their reviews.


Q. How can I improve local SEO for several locations?

A. Use the following procedures to optimize your website for local searches:

  • Make a webpage for all of your locations
  • Be sure to optimize for localized keywords
  • Keep your stuff original
  • Try for receiving local backlinks
  • Optimize Google Business Profile
  • Manage local reviews

Q. How do you conduct location-based SEO?

A. Simple ways to do location-based SEO:

  • Create a Google My Business account.
  • Make location-based site content
  • Add URLs of your location to your GMB page
  • Ensure your NAP info is reliable
  • Generate location-based Google Ads

Q.Why is the importance of local SEO for multiple locations?

A.Local search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get your business to show up in local searches. This is important because nearly half of all searches have a local intent, and 78% of mobile local searches result in an offline purchase.

The bottom line

Local SEO continues to be an essential component of any strategy when it comes to bringing customers to a company with different locations. Businesses that have the same name at each location must make sure that local searches for their area include them. Businesses need to have a distinctive approach to SEO strategy and optimization efforts for operating in many locations.

We are confident that the advice provided above will contribute significantly to the overall success of your company in the many markets in which you operate. However, get in touch with SharkFold right away to speak with one of our local SEO specialists if you're curious to learn more about how local SEO may help your company grow.

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