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Got Negative reviews? Here are some quick fixes to help you cope.

How significant are customer reviews to your company?

The hysterical reaction? extremely

But the question arises: how to respond to a negative Google review?

Online customer reviews are a widely known and effective way for marketers to promote their products or services. If we talk about the trend, then in fact, 97 percent of users in 2018 read internet reviews before making a purchase. So generally speaking, that turns out to be 85% of people will put as much faith in online evaluations as they do in person.

Because of this, it is important for businesses to use both positive and negative customer feedback to build their brands and stand out from competitors.

How Negative Reviews Affect Your Business

Over four negative reviews might reduce sales by 70%.

It's challenging to find negative internet reviews. You feel as though someone is personally attacking you, and you become protective, furious, and irritated.

That's because you've put a lot of money into your company. One negative evaluation can suddenly depress all those meetings, early mornings, and late nights.

Additionally, unfavorable evaluations can actually have an impact:

  • 13% of people consider a 1-or-2-star business.
  • Over four negative reviews might reduce sales by 70%.
  • 1–1.5 The Google rating for small enterprises generates 33% less revenue than the average.

How to respond to a negative Google review


One of the most important things that affect a company's level of business success is how its customers see the value of the goods or services it sells, as well as how the company treats its customers.

To help you take your firm to a higher level, here are 10 ways to handle overall negative client feedback.

1. Never get into an argument with anyone.

Never respond to a negative review in a combative or aggressive way, no matter how awful or inaccurate it is. Your ratings and responses are visible to the public, so be truthful and demonstrate your sincere interest in finding a solution. Avoid engaging in a discussion. As you work to address issues as they arise, negative evaluations might demonstrate that you are a great business. A negative review might not actually be that awful.

2. Look into the underlying problem:

Naturally, only those who genuinely care offer any form of feedback. Dealing with unfavorable criticism is frequently the best approach to converting a disgruntled consumer into a devoted one. People who leave negative reviews want their concerns to be recognized and addressed. If a consumer doesn't let a business know about a problem, you as a brand could never be aware of it. If you need assistance, contact the top digital marketing agency for a tried and true review marketing approach to counter or neutralize negative reviews. 

  1. Do not disregard the remark.

React positively! You should reply to the comment rather than ignoring, deleting, or hiding it.

Overlooking the comment will only ruin your company's reputation in the eyes of the reviewer and any future visitors to your page. Another significant no-no is to delete or conceal the comment. Many times, when writing a bad review, the reviewer will screenshot it just in case the business decides to remove it. Prepare yourself for the snapshot of the bad feedback and the statement, "Hey removed my negative comment," to be put online if it is removed.

4. Be willing to apologize.

Respond to unfavorable reviews, but be careful. Three steps to success. Listen. Don't ignore unpleasant feedback. Apologize. This small act can go far. Customers know everyone has hard days. Finally, propose a solution. Customers will be more sympathetic if you try to make things right. Statistics show that up to 65% of unhappy customers will come back if their problems are fixed.

5.Listen to what the customer is saying and be authentic.

  • Listen closely. Find the problem behind furious words and/or emotions.
  • Simplify. You'll spend less money trying to win back a customer than recruiting a new one, whether it's a gift card or a free holiday stay. If it costs more than you desire and you can win back the customer or client, that's fine. Recognize you're not a good fit, apologize, and move on. No company can win them all.
  • Be truthful and kind. Review conversations shouldn't be heated or finger-pointing. Many of our clients apologize publicly, offer to make it right, and ask the customer to email them for more information. It's private. The company replied to the review and made things right.

6. A timely thank-you note is essential.

  • Consider your response marketing for every consumer who reads it. Focus on making your organization look professional, not on the specifics. Thanks to the consumer for reporting the issue. Apologize and give a remedy. Thank them for letting you help them.
  • After a few weeks, consumers generally remove bad reviews. Contact them immediately to apologize and offer a remedy or a free service. This strategy is more than 50% effective.

7. Be Your Genuine Self

Confirm your identity by ending your message with your name or initials. Doing so will make you sound more genuine to your audience. Nothing should be hidden from your reviewers. They should know that they are conversing with a real person and not with some chat bot or automated robotic stuff. Every minute detail matters while you are dealing with such errant customers online.

8. Make sure you're set.

Your management and staff are on the front lines of customer rage and fury after a disaster like a bad review or widespread social media shaming. Prepare a crisis management plan before a bad review or social media shaming. You want to be prepared so your response isn't improvised.

An urgent public apology might help business owners avoid unfavorable reviews and social media humiliation. No waiting. The client always "thinks" they're right. Apologize.

Try contacting the person who made the negative remark or statement by phone or email as soon as possible. Social media is tricky. Social media can't fix anything. Calling or emailing can help fix a terrible situation.

9. Keep your cool and address the issue.

The best way for a brand to respond to a negative review is to quickly apologize, provide the reviewer with their support contact information, and assure them that they will do all in their power to make things right.

Many Yelp businesses humiliate customers for negative ratings or reveal private data in an attempt to set the scene. They don't work. The drama in the reviews section or a brand's disagreeable response may cause readers to steer clear of it. Marketers should, at all costs, guarantee that negative experiences will be fixed and that negative reviews will be changed.

10. Maintain your honesty.

Confess that you have made mistakes, but do not take blame for things that are beyond your control. Describe the various possibilities you have. Demonstrate how to find answers to intractable problems. Because of the inclement weather, you had to delay an event; thus, you check the weather and send cancellation warnings as soon as it is feasible to do so.


Want to share something with us?

Do you know how to handle unfavorable feedback from clients? Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Share your comments below and on Twitter and we'll add them to the tally!

While you wait, you may learn more about customer reviews by reading our robust solution.



How do you respond to a negative Google review example?

I'm sorry that was not a good experience for you; I apologize if it left you feeling bad or embarrassed. Please know that we value your opinion highly and will investigate the circumstances surrounding your stay with us because it is never our purpose to make anyone feel this way. Example

How do you respond to an unfair negative review?

How to handle a negative review on Google: 8 steps

  1. Stay focused on your abilities...
  2. Show some compassion.
  3. Take swift action to fix the problem.
  4. Respect your guest's feelings of helplessness.
  5. Take responsibility and work toward a resolution.
  6. Please accept my gratitude for their time in writing this review.
  7. Act on your desire to make amends by doing so.
  8. Keep in touch.


Can a business owner remove Google reviews?


If a review on your Google My Business page breaks Google's guidelines, you can ask Google to take it down. Google can get rid of bad reviews that don't follow their rules. Read the policy on removing and deleting something before you ask to have it taken down.

How long do reviews stay on Google?

It can take anywhere from five days to as many as twenty days for Google to delete fake reviews from its search results.

Why did my review disappear from Google?


The majority of the missing reviews were probably removed because they violated some sort of policy, such as having objectionable content or being spam. We do not put back any reviews that were taken down because they violated our policies. These ways to get rid of things help make sure that reviews on Google properties are appropriate, useful, and real.

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