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Google Ads for Real Estate: The ultimate guide to run successful campaigns


How to run google ads for real estate

A complete guide on how to easily generate leads for real estate business with Google Ads! 

  1. Utilize the Geo-targeting tool
  2. Use relevant keywords
  3. Monitor conversions
  4. Make an Ad group
  5. Develop a high-converting landing page
  6. Make several Ad copies

Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the best ways to drive instant traffic to your real estate website. It’s a popular tool for buyers and sellers to research listings, local real estate agents, house and property on sale and make an informed decision on buying or selling a property.

So, if you are a real estate agent or if you are interested in Google advertisements for realty, this blog is for you! Here you will get a comprehensive guide on how to generate multiple leads and convert them into customers for your real estate business.

Additionally, you will learn everything there is to know about real estate advertising in search engines and how to target the right audience who is looking for buying or selling properties through the online platform.

What does Google Ads for Real Estate mean?

Google Ads is the most popular way a real estate professional can get started with PPC advertising. It is a great way to get properties in front of potential buyers and attract home sellers to their services.

The reason is that Google, as the most used search engine, has a vast impact on the real estate industry. It is a popular tool for buyers and sellers to find listings and real estate agents in their area that will give you the best results for your ad campaign.

Tips on how to run Google ads for real estate

Most people interested in buying or renting a property start by searching online and typing in keywords they are often familiar with. When you use smart techniques for real estate paid search campaigns, you are more likely to capture a higher volume of potential leads, which ultimately leads to a more significant ROI. Inopportunely, not all approaches result in successful lead generation or a positive ROI.

To help you get started, we have compiled the best tips real estate agents can use when getting started with PPC.

Use Geo-targeting feature to target the right audience

Use the Google Ads platform's Geo-targeting tool, which uses location-based targeting, to show ads to people who are in your target market. With Geo-targeting, you can direct your real estate advertising to display in specific nations, regions, surrounding areas, or location groupings and target your audience in the specific location.

For optimum PPC, concentrate on relevant keywords

Because it's one of the best ways you may receive visitors to your real estate website, Search Engine Optimization is very significant. You will undoubtedly receive the most PPCs if your website ranks in Google search for relevant real estate-related keywords. Whether or not the appropriate audience sees your adverts depends on your keyword approach. So, concentrating on relevant keywords is the key to Google ad success. 

Track your conversions from the beginning

Does good conversion tracking matter? 

The stats reveal the below story. 


42% of Adwords account managers have no idea if their campaigns are working 


58% of Adwords accounts have some level of conversion tracking in place. 

Let’s take a closer look: 

No tracking 

97% of untracked campaigns fail

Poor Tracking 

2.18% Median conversion rate 

Good Tracking 

3.16% Median conversion rate 

After a few days of running your real estate ads through the Google Ads platform, it's time to start tracking.  Setting up conversion tracking as soon as you start running ads on Google, you'll be able to see what percentage of users click on your ad and on which days the most clicks occurred. Does your adverts convert clicks to buyers?

Create an Ad Group 

Ad Groups are groups of ads that you want to categorize together. Set up an ad group for each zip code. Within that ad group,create one or more ads with different headlines and descriptions so you can test which ad is more effective.

Create high-converting landing pages

A high-converting landing page allows users instantly into clicking the CTA button and becoming leads. In most cases you will direct your Google Ads traffic to your homepage as the landing page.

An optimized landing page will increase your conversion rates and reduce your cost-per-clicks. It is also very important to have a Search Engine Optimized website for the success and growth of your content and search marketing strategies. 

Create multiple keyword based ad copies 

Google selects the ads that are most relevant to the search query of the user. Try using multiple ad copies that are keyword based as it will allow you to have various ad messaging, increasing the possibility of your ads matching the search terms.

It is also very important to have ad copy that satisfies the expectations of any user so that you can drive more qualified clicks from your campaign. Creating multiple ads helps to serve a range of viewers. 


Q. Does Google ad work for real estate?

A. Absolutely yes! Google ads are one of the best search engine platforms that work effectively for real estate shoppers. When set up properly, the campaigns can generate excellent leads for your real estate business.

Q. What is PPC advertising for real estate?

A. Google ads are a form of online marketing in which real estate companies can pay to display their ads on search engines and other websites. Advertisers will only pay you when a user clicks on their ad, making it a very useful way to drive traffic to your site.

Q. How PPC ads help real estate business?

A. With PPC ads, real estate companies can attract the attention of qualified prospects who are actively searching for real estate listings and home buying information

Bottom Line

The real estate industry is quite unpredictable. Whether you are a solo agent, team or working for a large-scale dealer, each qualified lead counts. PPC can be a great way to generate leads for your real estate business. To exclude as much unqualified traffic as possible, narrow your campaigns so that you can generate more qualified leads.

So, if you think that you need any help to run Google ads for real estate business, feel free to contact us and we will assist you with all the information you require on doing so.

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