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How to trade on Google shopping: A quick guide


How to sell my products on google shopping

Google shopping helps customers compare and shop for items offered by various retailers. To sell items on Google shopping, follow these three simple ways: 

  • Sign up for Merchant Center
  • Upload goods for selling
  • Buy ads to shop

Google shopping is one of the leading international marketplaces that help you to remain competitive in the market and rank higher. Listing services here helps to increase visibility and reach more consumers. Shoppers can use this platform to search for merchandise from online vendors, compare rates, and buy them safely.

This feature must be part of your trading strategy because it adds a visual touch to an otherwise text-heavy searching and merchandising experience, lets you show up several times in SERPs, and offers higher conversion rates than text ads. 

Read on to know how to sell products on Google shopping and receive more conversions. 

Google shopping and its importance

Google shopping is a service offered by the search engine that allows customers to search for, view, and compare products. For every relevant web search, your commodity information will be displayed. The tool not only promotes business but also makes it easier for potential shoppers to explore, look and compare merchandise. They can also contact the seller. 

It is important for companies in many ways as it- 

  • Increases online presence
  • Advances the quality of your contacts
  • Gets noticed with search engine lens
  • Easily manages ads
  • Creates insightful reports

How to sell products on Google shopping

Sell my products on google shopping

You must ensure that you are optimizing your content and measuring the appropriate metrics for the effectiveness of your promotion effort. Here are the top techniques for finding out what people are looking for, getting valuable insights, and ranking higher on Google.

Create an account on Merchant Center

With the help of the search engine Merchant Center, you may upload the information about your store to your internet service provider and make it accessible for purchases. The internet tool aids in placing your services in search results so that customers can find them.

Upload items to transact

Listings in the Merchant Center will be grouped under the section ‘Feeds’. To add a feed first go to ‘Products’ and then go to ‘upload.’ Next name your services and choose the country for specific commodities. However, it is to be noted that your trade requires identities such as Brand, MPN, and GITN. All your selected Google shop ads will appear in the Center once you have completed these steps.

Buy ads to reach a wider audience 

If you want listings to show up in search results, you'll have to pay for them. Transactions  require setting up an AdWords account to create ad campaigns. Give it a name and select buying under Ad Type on the next screen. Before using Ads to promote citations, your Merchant Center account must be linked with Adwords. Once linked, you can select placements, optimize bids and start selling. 

Learn the top hacks to trade merchandise on the marketplace

If you want to take your advertising campaign to the next level, you should follow the tried-and-tested strategies. Here are the top tips for using e-commerce sites to give clients a frictionless buying experience.

Up-to-date feed

An e-commerce campaign's success or failure might be influenced by the feed. E-retailers can showcase particular services, rank higher in Google, and publish the most recent information on deals and discounts by using an optimized data feed. Maintaining updated feeds will allow you to compete effectively across all of your sales channels. 

Optimize titles 

Since the first thing people see when conducting an online search is the title, having one that is optimized is crucial for your advertising strategy. Giving sufficient information in titles makes them effective for searches with strong buying intent. An optimized title can help in search rankings and increase conversion rates.

Never put all of your goods into a single category

Because the search web allows you to be very precise with how you label your commodities, ensure to go over each one and correctly label it. Web portals automatically categorize your stuff, which helps you to save time. However, you can also go into your feed and apply the relevant categories to each merchandise. This helps buyers find the right search quickly. 

Offer buyers a quick overview of all item details

Always give important details of the products immediately when transacting on this platform to help buyers make a decision faster. This way you can prevent shoppers from looking at competing sites if you offer enough information.

Use high-quality product images

Your stock photos need to be outstanding to receive top Google product search rankings. Of course, there is much more to this process than just taking photos. Always remember that the photos should be displayed on a white background. That's a good start, but depending on the merchandise, you can play around with it. For example, furniture needs to be shown in a room and plates in a kitchen or in use 

Give emphasis on customer reviews

According to several shopper surveys, 92% of people read at least one review before buying merchandise. According to a survey conducted by Womply, 75% of companies do not respond to their feedback, but those that do generate 35% more money than the average business. This data clearly shows that comments are incredibly important to your trade.


Q. How can I upload my merchandise for online marketing?

A. Follow these steps to upload an item for an online advertisement:

  • Upload product listings on Merchant Center
  • Connect Ads and Merchant Center accounts 
  • Create promotion strategies

Q. Is ad campaign listing free? 

A. Yes, it is free. You can list your merchandise in browsers for free for thousands of people searching online.

Q. How do I sell an item on a webshop?

A. To start selling goods on this marketplace, you are required to create an account at the Merchant Center, set up the store, upload goods, and buy shopping ads.

The bottom line

Your brand and company are extended through your e-commerce stream. E-marketing has a wide range of advantages, from luring new customers to offering devoted ones more opportunities to shop across several online platforms. It's crucial to follow the aforementioned practices if you wish to use Google shop ads. Use this manual's top e-transaction tactics to launch your ad campaign and increase conversion rates.

Please feel free to get in touch with the SharkFold support staff if you think you need any assistance running an advertisement campaign or growing your brand using a multichannel selling approach. 

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