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Everything you need to know: Why doesn't my business show up on google search

Monodeep Samanta


Good for you that you made a Google My Business page! We have no doubt everything in your world is OK and you are delighted with how the website is operating.

Meanwhile, the worst nightmare came true: why doesn't my business show up on Google search? 

Every day, we all face similar dilemmas, no?

There is certainly a more fundamental issue you need to solve if Google-My-Business (GMB) listing isn't showing up on online Maps, Search or anything else Google-related. Fortunately, we are aware of the localized area you should check first.

If a company isn't visible in search results, you can start by taking the following measures.


1. Once Google My Business Verification is complete, you can rest assured:

GMB is a digital lifeboat for most small businesses. So, it's crucial that you take full advantage of the situation. Start with the profile. If anything is wrong or missing in the listing, that's your core problem. It needs a complete, updated profile.

A complete verification is also required. It can be difficult, but it's vital for online exposure.

There are a few different ways to validate the company:

  • Automatic confirmation: This approach of checking is the quickest and most practical. Just login into your Google My Business accounts to confirm the company right away.
  • The mail-in verification method: To verify the GMB listing, the Search giant will mail a postcard to the company's physical address, and you will need to provide the verification code included on the postcard to feed. While this is straightforward, you should allow up to two weeks for the postcard to arrive.
  • Confirm via phone. This method of verification is almost as fast as the instantaneous one. You can just make the request and check the information over the phone.
  • Verification in large quantities: If the firm has listings in 10 or more places, then you will need to use this approach.

If you want to be seen in web results, authenticating the corporation with the search engine is essential.

To put it briefly, online verification is a process by which GMB account details are checked for accuracy. They are worried that the actual address and other details they have on file for you are incorrect. If you confirm the location, the business is more likely to show up in search results that are relevant to the local area. 

Learn more about the local listing and how it works. (Connect it to the local SEO page)


2. GMB Categories

To continue optimizing for local search, fill out all the applicable sections of Google My Business with the necessary information. If a company's owner has selected inappropriate categories, the company will have a lower probability of appearing in local search results.

Unsure of the categories to select for your company? Visit our website to learn more. (link to any GMB content we have on-site)

3. Sign Up for Google's Search Console

Is Google Search Console anything you've looked into yet?

Companies may check if Google is indexing their websites using this no-cost service. It's possible that it will find the site on its own, but registering it immediately will increase the odds of it showing up in search results as soon as possible.

The Search Console allows you to quickly and easily add newly launched websites to Google's index. As soon as you connect to the domain, the Search Console will start sending you data about your site's traffic, rankings, and more.


4. Check corporate listings for factual errors.

Have you changed the company's name? Physically moved? Got a new number or address?

Inconsistencies on websites are extremely annoying for a web search. Any inaccuracies in the corporate information could prevent it from appearing in the search algorithms. The major search engine is wary.

If listings are clean, they will rank the firm higher. Let’s see how:

  1. Search as many directories as possible (Bing, Google, Yelp, and so on).
  2. Correct inaccurate, or outdated corporate information immediately.
  3. Continue sending correct data to aggregators (industry-specific communities, etc.).

Just because the GMB profile is accurate doesn't imply you're presenting a unified image on the web. Consistent, correct information must be everywhere. If not, the search giants will question the organization's data and show it in fewer local results.


5. Make Use of Local Social Media.

If the above steps don't work, you could try making the firm more visible by creating profiles on different social networking sites.

Corporations typically only have one or two results from their primary URL appear on search engine results pages. Listings after that point will be provided by third-party websites that you may or may not have any connection to.

How do I get this fixed?

Having many social media profiles can boost a brand's visibility in search engines. In an ideal world, people would stumble into your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other profiles without any further effort on the company’s part.


6. Make Sure the Company Follows All of Google's Requirements

Follow the rules if you want to show up in as many searches as you can. If not, the search engine can remove the company's information from SERPs (SERPs).

Among the most important guidelines are:

  • shows the company as it actually is.
  • Please include service and NAP locations that are accurate.
  • Making use of applicable GMB tags/categories.
  • One profile per company.

It will be difficult (or impossible) to appear in online searches if you violate GMB requirements, as well as those for illegal materials and activities. Know the limitations before taking any action.

What if Nothing Worked?

Then it's time to consult the experts if you've carefully considered all of the options mentioned above and taken all reasonable steps to appear on the search. If you choose the best SEO company, they will not only help you fix problems with profile listing, but they will also help you do better in organic search.

SharkFold is the best agency in local SEO services, marketing, digital marketing, and most crucially, getting found on SERP. We're prepared to ensure the query: why doesn't my business show up on Google search? You're on the right path to a highly visible online profile because we are aware of what search engine expects from industries of all stripes.

For a free consultation, contact us or drop us the requirements right below on this page. Our experts will listen to your issues before recommending a course of action that enlists our assistance. Building a solid relationship with SERP and other search engines can never be started too early or too late.


How to make my business show up in Google searches?

 There are three ways to add the company:

  • In the search bar, type in the address. Click “Add Your Firm” under the GMB Profile section on the left.
  • On the map, right-click anywhere. Click “Add your business” after that.
  • Click the menu in the top left corner. Include your company.

How long does it take for my business to show up on Google?

 You should allow three to four days for a new GMB listing to emerge (in addition to the time it takes you to put it up). All systems go!

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